Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A little background music

Welcome to all celiacs, gluten-intollerants, gluten-sensitives, significant others to these, and any who are simply curious about the gluten-free lifestyle. I come to you as a fellow celiac and a mad scientist in the gluten-free kitchen.

My 9 year-old son and I have been gluten-free for 2 years now, but have been mis-diagnosed, as many of you have, for much longer. The years of excuses ended when my son's symptoms began to show. Mom's will push much harder for solutions for their kids than for themselves,of course.
Being a restauranteur and a lifelong foodie, I can't eat 'ugly' food. I will claw, snap, and bite at an idea until I'm able to unearth a way to get the result I'm digging for. Until today, however, I've felt as though I must be reinventing the proverbial wheel on my own. Hopefully those who have also felt this can join me here in mutual collaboration.
My plan for this blog is to share my recipes and experiments with you and you will feel free to add comments ... you tried and liked it ... you wonder if quinoa might be a better texture in this application ... you have a favorite pre-GF recipe and wonder how to alter it so you can enjoy this comfort food again ... you hated it but have a better one to share ... you've found a new GF product and you'd like to share this find with the GF community ... any comments you care to put out there.
What stumps one or the other of us, I believe we can solve together.